Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers questions frequently asked by 21st CCLC Summer Symposium participants. If you have another question or would like more details, please e-mail us at

Is there a conference fee for the 2023 Summer Symposium?

No, there is no conference fee for Symposium participants.

Will there be a virtual (hybrid) component if I am unable to attend in person as in the past few years?

No, this year's Summer Symposium will only be held in-person following guidance from the Department of Education, CDC, and other meeting standards for in-person meetings.

What is the dress code for the 2023 Summer Symposium?

Most attendees wear business-casual attire. We suggest that you dress for the weather; however, the Marriott New Orleans is fully air conditioned. Inside it may be cool; however, outside may be very warm.

Are there any special lodging rates for 2023 Summer Symposium participants?

Please see the Summer Symposium Logistics page for details on hotels and special rates.

What kind of weather can I expect in the New Orleans area in July?

Average highs and lows for July in New Orleans are 92oF (33.3oC) and 76oF (24.7oC), respectively. Average precipitation in July is about 5.6 inches (14.2 cm). For current weather conditions, please visit the National Weather Service or the Weather Channel.

How many days or sessions may I attend?

The Symposium is two full days (July 19 and 20, 2023); however, you may attend as many days or sessions of the conference as you wish.

I did not receive a confirmation notification when I registered. Should I register again?

No. To avoid duplicate entries in the 21st CCLC 2023 Summer Symposium Registration Database, please DO NOT register again. If you are registered, return to the registration page and enter your name and e-mail address. You will be taken to a page that will allow you to request that your confirmation be re-sent.

How can someone get in touch with me while I am at the conference?

Due to the nature of the meeting space, it is not possible for attendees to receive messages during the day. If it is not an emergency, messages may be left with the attendee's hotel for delivery to the Symposium registration desk outside the main ballroom or left for the attendee’s hotel room. During the day, we suggest that messages be communicated through text or email directly to the attendees cell phone.

How can I get the participant list?

In our efforts to maintain a high standard of environmental responsibility, the participants list will be accessible online only through the 21st CCLC 2023 Summer Symposium website, which can be viewed by the public, including Symposium attendees and vendors. The privacy of participants’ contact information is extremely important to the U.S. Department of Education. Participants who wish to be included in the participant list must opt-in and give permission to include their name and contact information (e.g., organization, business phone, business email) during the online registration process.

How can I get copies of presentations and speeches from the 2023 Summer Symposium?

Presentations from the conference will be posted to the You for Youth portal at the close of the Symposium. We will send an e-mail to all conference participants when the presentations are available on the website. If you do not find the information you need, please e-mail us at

Will there be vendor exhibits this year?

Yes, the conference will have exhibitors this year.

Can vendors sell any materials or products at the 2023 Summer Symposium?

No. Sales of any products or materials are not permitted within the confines of the Symposium by vendor exhibitors to ensure that there is no implied or actual endorsement by the U.S. Department of Education.

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